The Dolly Pickles - Betty

Introducing the enchanting allure of Dolly Pickles - Betty, a charming doll designed to captivate your heart effortlessly.

Envision having a loyal companion who relishes tea parties, bedtime tales, and warm embraces. With Dolly Pickles, you'll experience endless joy and more.

Each Dolly Pickle is adorned in chic, minimalist attire, featuring natural, earthy tones that emanate timeless sophistication.

Product Details:

  • Size: 50 cm
  • Crafted from premium polyester fill for enduring softness
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended for optimal maintenance
  • Suitable for all ages, ensuring endless delight for everyone
  • Meets strict UK & European toy safety standards, providing peace of mind
  • Safety advisory: Keep away from fire for safety precautions