Regina the Rhino

Meet Regina the Rhino from the Adventure Pickles collection!

Regina the Rhino is a delightful and adventurous companion, perfect for sparking your child’s imagination. Whether it's a day of exploring magical lands at home or accompanying on exciting family trips, Regina is always eager for the next big adventure. She's ideally sized for snug bedtime cuddles and compact enough to fit neatly into any travel bag.

Each Adventure Pickle, including Regina, comes with a unique adventure backpack, perfect for collecting treasures and keepsakes found along the way, creating cherished childhood memories.

Dressed in simple, earthy-toned clothing, Regina brings timeless charm to any playtime scenario.

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Materials, Care & Size:

  • Size: 50 cm
  • 70% Cotton & 30% Linen
  • 100% polyester fill
  • Hand wash
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Complies with UK & European toy safety standards
  • Safety warning: Keep away from fire