Hazel The Acorn Friend

Meet Hazel, a whimsical addition to our collection from a magical woodland far, far away. Standing gracefully in her beautiful dress adorned with oak leaf patterns, Hazel exudes elegance and charm, adding a touch of enchantment to any setting.

Equipped for woodland explorations, Hazel carries an oak leaf-shaped bag, perfect for gathering forest treasures or storing essentials along her journeys. Embrace Hazel in the arms of a child and watch as she captivates and sparks imagination in every tale.

With her graceful demeanour and a style that embodies the spirit of woodland magic, Hazel is prepared to embark on wondrous adventures in this mystical realm.

Materials, care & size

Size 54 cm

Made with 70% cotton & 30% linen 

Filled with 100% recycled polyester

Hand wash only

Suitable for all ages                             

Complies with UK & European toy safety standards

Safety warning: Keep away from fire