About us

Mr Pickles creates irresistible products for all the family – from linen soft toys to delicate knit for babies. Mr Pickles's ethos is based upon a belief which takes a unique and simplistic approach to toys that are designed to be passed down through generations to come.

Mr Pickles was founded in the spring of 2016 by Lee Pryke at his kitchen table. After teaching himself to sew he decided to create little characters based on a childhood toy named Idgit.

The DNA of Mr Pickles comes from Lee’s childhood, full of adventure and magic. From magic fairies at the bottom of the garden, pocket-sized soft toys that lived in his pocket to tree houses in the woods where elves would visit at night.

Lee has taken the magic from his childhood and created a wonderful collection of toys ready for the fun-filled adventures that Lee had as a child.

Mr Pickles now has a wonderful production team who work effortlessly to maintain our high standards and our core values. All our products are designed to last a lifetime, with the magic to be passed down to generations to come. We offer a lifetime guarantee to showcase our belief in the durability of our Pickles.

To us, quality and design are both equally important. Our products are carefully crafted with the greatest care and attention, with every product being inspected by Lee himself. Nothing gets past his quality control process. If it’s not perfect it doesn’t have Mr Pickles’ name on it. All our designs are based on childhood adventures and childhood toys Lee had growing up.

Every parent can be confident that every piece is thoroughly tested. Each product is designed to exacting standards and is made from the highest quality materials.

It is time to get Pickled