Samuel the Squirrel

Meet Samuel the Squirrel, part of the Woodland Friends collection.

Samuel is a lively resident of a charming woodland where each day unfolds with new adventures and playful antics!

Samuel scampers through the enchanting countryside alongside his woodland companions—a rabbit, a deer, and a fox—exploring hidden nooks and crannies, foraging for food, and spreading joy and laughter in their secret world away from human eyes.

Samuel is not just a delightful toy; he's a cherished friend ready to accompany you on woodland escapades. With his practical acorn foraging bag always at hand, Samuel combines charm with practicality seamlessly.

Let Samuel's spirited personality and endearing face captivate you as he becomes a treasured companion in your woodland adventures.

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Materials, Care & Size:

  • Size: 34 cm
  • Made with 70% cotton & 30% linen
  • Filled with 100% recycled polyester
  • Hand wash only
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Complies with UK & European toy safety standards
  • Safety warning: Keep away from fire