The Woodland Friends - Fox

Deep in a magical woodland lives a group of friends; a rabbit, a deer, a fox and a squirrel. Who go out foraging each day for food, along the way they find themselves creating mischief and laughter hidden from the human world.

Meet the Woodland Friends – an ensemble of irresistible cuteness that will truly make hearts flutter in the depths of the countryside!

These Woodland Pickles are more than just cute toys; they're cherished friends ready to explore the wonders of the countryside with you, equipped with a practical acorn foraging bag, the Woodland Friends seamlessly blend charm with functionality. Let yourself be enchanted by their endearing personalities and captivated by their adorable faces as they scamper into your heart.

Which one will you choose?

Materials, care & size

Size 34 cm

Made with 70% cotton & 30% linen

Filled with 100% recycled polyester

Hand wash only

Suitable for all ages

Complies with UK & European toy safety standards

Safety warning: Keep away from fire