Mr Pickles: Where Sustainability Meets Cuddly Fun!


At Mr Pickles, we're on a mission to make sustainability the heart and soul of every soft toy we create. We understand that children's happiness goes hand in hand with a healthy planet. Let us share with you the key reasons why Mr Pickles’ soft toys are the perfect choice for both eco-conscious parents and gift-givers:

Earth-Friendly Materials: We are committed to using sustainable materials in the creation of our soft toys. From linen and cotton to recycled polyester stuffing, we prioritise eco-friendly options that reduce our environmental footprint while providing a safe and soft companion for your child. Both linen and cotton are biodegradable fibres, meaning they can naturally decompose at the end of their lifecycle. When disposed of properly, they do not contribute to the accumulation of harmful pollutants or microplastics in the environment. This makes linen and cotton mix fabric a better choice in terms of reducing waste and minimizing long-term environmental impact.

Plastic-Free Packaging: We believe in minimizing waste from the start, our products are sent to us plastic-free and they are sent to you plastic free. That's why we have chosen plastic-free packaging, opting for recycled and recyclable materials only. By eliminating unnecessary plastic, we strive to protect our oceans and wildlife.

Planet-friendly Shipping: We don’t use air freight, we only import our products via ships. It is an inherently greener choice compared to air freight. Ships have the capacity to carry large volumes of cargo, significantly reducing the number of trips needed to transport products. This results in significantly lower carbon emissions, helping to combat climate change and reduce our environmental impact.

Empowering Communities: Mr Pickles’ soft toys are not just about sustainability; they're also about making a positive impact on the communities we work with. We partner with artisans from local communities in Delhi, providing fair wages and safe working conditions. When you choose Mr Pickles, you're supporting ethical production and contributing to the well-being of talented craftspeople in Delhi.

Lasting Quality: We understand that children form special bonds with their soft toys. That's why we ensure our products are made to last. By focusing on quality craftsmanship and durable materials, we reduce the need for replacements, reducing waste and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Sparking Imagination: Mr Pickles’ soft toys aren't just cuddly companions; they're about outdoor adventures. Taking children away from screens and out into the environment, where they learn, develop and enjoy the wonderful nature that we all take for granted. Fostering a love for our planet in the hearts of our little ones.

We Plant Trees: We understand the importance of trees in mitigating climate change, improving air quality, and providing habitat for wildlife around the world. By incorporating this initiative into our business model, we strive to contribute to the restoration and preservation of our planet's natural resources. Together with our customers, we are taking steps towards a greener future, one Pickles order at a time.... Read more

Join us at Mr Pickles in creating a brighter and more sustainable future for our children, one soft toy at a time. Together, we can make a difference while bringing smiles and joy to the next generation.


We only have one planet, let’s keep it green and full of Pickles.