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The Christmas Elf - Where it all started

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The Christmas Elf - where it all started


It’s the time of year where the Christmas adverts have started and the dreaded Christmas shopping begins. The magic of Christmas is well underway and the little elves are about to appear and start their mischievous activities for the month of December. You guessed it; I’m talking about Santa’s little helpers, the Christmas elves.

 Mr Pickles Christmas Elves
Mr Pickles Little Christmas Elves

The elves are weaved into the Christmas tradition and are deep inside our hearts. They have a special place within all of us, we've grown up drawing them, watching movies with and allowing them to make Christmas even more special for us. Every Christmas parents are eager to purchase their elf, ready for December 1st. You guessed it; they are getting ready for Elf on the Shelf.
I know after a few weeks the parents tend to get a little relaxed about the daily movement of the elf; having to rush down in the morning to move them or simply forgetting altogether; but it’s worth it, to see the surprise and excitement on your children's face every morning is magical.

Mr Pickles Christmas faces
The excitiment is coming

The elf on the shelf tradition has been around for several years. It all started from one book and a desire to devise a fun family tradition. Today elf on the shelf merchandise is everywhere. If you have young children, it's almost unimaginable to have a Christmas without the elves mischievous activities. Santa and his little helpers always accompany Christmas, but where did these funny looking creatures come from?
The Early Appearance of Elves
The first appearances of elves were in Germany many years ago. They describe these pointy-eared, magical creatures with mischievous personalities. Old stories and tales are full of them. Mostly they are tiny immortal creatures and possess magical abilities; they were thought to help with healing people and offered protection.
Not all the stories of elves were good, in some countries they were sometimes seen to be bad little elves that stole things from people and never gave them back.
Early Career
After being written off as mischievous and often wild creatures, they had to clear up their act; basically community service for elves. They served their time and came back as magical playful characters. That's when they became Santa's little helpers. It started in the mid-1800s.
Santa has a group of elves helping to prepare the gifts for well-behaved children. They observe the behaviour of children throughout the year and report it to Santa. That's how Santa determines if a kid was well behaved or didn't behave at all.
It seems like everybody forgot about their mischievous behaviour and fell in love with these little things.
Where do they stand today?
Today, stories describe elves as joyful and helpful beings with pointy ears. They are tiny and normally wearing red and green clothing with striped tights and pointy red hats, all coordinated to the traditional Christmas colours.
Today they sit in every corner of our houses and Christmas shops. We are happy to welcome them because their appearance means that Christmas is on its way. They sit on counters, shelves, fireplaces and next to our beds. They are everywhere, and we love them.

Mr Pickles Christmas Elves

Beware, they are mischievous Little Elves

How does it all work?
It all started in 2005 with a book for children, written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell. The story describes the appearances of the elf from December 1st to December 24. The elf's goal is to observe the behaviour of the kids, create some mischiefs and report to Santa all the events in the house. The Elf plays a 24-hour hide and seek game with the family, by hiding in a new spot every day. But don't forget, they report back to Santa each day, after all, how is Santa going to know how the child behaved!

We decided to get involved and create our own Little Christmas Elves this year. They are the perfect gift if you are looking for a family heirloom that can be used time and time again each year. All handmade by me in my London studio. Our Little

Chrismas Elves come with their very own little sack where you can hide the any treats for the day (if your children have been good) Have a look in our shop for the full range available

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