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Mr Pickles - Where it all started

Founded in March 2016 and based in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, Mr Pickles is a trusted handmade brand with a wonderful story.

Lee, the designer & maker, had been struggling with anxiety for a number of years, he had been looking for something to help him overcome the overwhelming sense of anxiety he was feeling each day. A strange feeling that would stop him from going to the shop, meeting friends and just doing some daily things. He had tried so many things, running, tennis, learning an instrument, reading and therapy, none of which seemed to make a difference.

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Mum meltdown? How to get back on top and conquer life.

I have never been a fan of the cold and every winter I find myself hibernating indoors and living in my dressing gown but this a/w has been particularly difficult. Not only do we have another addition to the family (one of which who likes to put EVERYTHING in her mouth) but also my eldest son George is now in a pre-school nursery and he has bought an array of cold and sick bugs into our home. As I desperately try to battle the germs with an army of disinfectants and wipe a lot of snotty noses I often end...

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Two Under Two Survival Guide

So you're expecting another baby (yay!), the hospital bags are packed, the crib is made up and the tiny babygrows are neatly folded away ready for your new bundle of joy but have you prepared for having not one but TWO children? Mr Pickles has teamed up with Beth from Beth is a modern mum of two very cute children, she blogs, she instagrams and she companins. Check our her website for some wonderful real-life encounters of being a mum with two children Having another child Is challenging no matter what the age of your eldest child is...

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The Christmas Elf - Where it all started

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It’s the time of year where the Christmas adverts have started and the dreaded Christmas shopping begins. The magic of Christmas is well underway and the little elves are about to appear and start their mischievous activities for the month of December. You guessed it; I’m talking about Santa’s little helpers, the Christmas elves.

The elves are weaved into the Christmas tradition and are deep inside our hearts. They have a special place within all of us, we've grown up drawing them, watching movies with and allowing them to make Christmas even more special for us. Every Christmas parents are eager to purchase their elf, ready for December 1st. You guessed it; they are getting ready for Elf on the Shelf.

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Why buy handmade – why wouldn’t you?

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Buying handmade seems to be becoming more popular; it’s more of a trend having something a little more personal, a one-off, something nobody else has and something unique, that nobody else will buy as a gift.

 For some people, they do it to support local businesses, for others it’s about the quality. For me, I find Handmade goods tend to be more Eco-friendly; less of a carbon footprint and I tend to value the item more.....

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